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For coaches and therapists

"Ted has been an invaluable support as a supervisor, coach, and sounding board over the last four years. His skills as a teacher, supervisor and therapist make a powerful combination. He frequently helps me move forward when I am stuck on issues with tricky clients, encourages me to go deeper to get to the nub of an issue, and challenges my limiting beliefs and assumptions. He is a powerful resource to have in your corner and one I can heartily recommend." 

Olivia Meyrick - Cadence Coaching

Style and Approach

1:1 supervision can take many forms, but for me the best supervision will help with these areas:


Learning on the job. Bringing along questions or client examples and getting some input on how to handle it, so you can go away and apply that and practice things straight away.


Supervision can help you feel more confident in what you are doing, and supported when you are unsure or stuck.


I tend to use a combination of teaching and reflective questions. Sometimes having time to think about things from different angles is what we need, but sometimes we need more of a mentoring approach: someone to just tell us what they think.



The need for supervision varies for each person but also sometimes on the circumstances at the time. I like to work flexibly, responding to the needs of the client. I tend to offer 60 or 90 minute sessions. I do my 1:1 work Monday-Thursday between 09:30 and 16:45. All of my supervision is delivered online.


My fees vary, please get in touch to discuss.


If you are interested in supervision, our first step would be to arrange a time to speak for 30 minutes or so, to talk about what you are looking for and to give you a sense of what it is like to work with me, so you can see if it feels like the right fit.

How it Works

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