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CPD For Professionals

CBT skills can be so useful for helping professionals, be it coaches, healthcare workers or any other form of helper. If you are interested in developing these skills, below is an outline of a regular CPD programme I run for coaches. If you are looking for something more tailored for yourself or your organisation, please get in touch.

CBT Tools for Coaches


The CBT Tools for Coaches programme is an online programme for coaches who want to learn how to work more effectively with clients by incorporating techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy.

This course is not intended to teach you how to be a therapist, but instead how to incorporate into your coaching helpful approaches and techniques that can enable change for clients, particularly those who hold rigid beliefs or behaviour patterns for example, perfectionism, people pleasing or low self-esteem.

8 ICF CCE points will be awarded for attending this course. 5 for Core Competencies and 3 for Resource Development.


The course runs on Zoom for eight hours in total, split in two four-hour sessions one week apart.



  • An introduction to the cognitive and behavioural models of human behaviour and how this can help us understand rigid patterns of thinking or behaviour.

  • The line between therapy and coaching, and how you can use these techniques safely


  • How to truly help a client to recognise and understand their own beliefs, assumptions and behavioural patterns.

  • How to help the client question and challenge these from different perspectives.


  • How to use behavioural interventions to identify a simple, clear path towards lasting change.

  • Using exposure and habituation in order to make new behaviours more comfortable.

  • Be able to help clients to break out of rigid habits and patterns such as perfectionism and people-pleasing.

Course Content



The course costs £336 including VAT


JUNE 2024

Session 1: Monday 10 June 09:30-13:30 GMT

Session 2: Monday 17 June 09:30-13:30 GMT


Session 1: Monday 9 September 09:30-13:30 GMT

Session 2: Monday 16 September 09:30-13:30 GMT


Please get in touch below or on

"My training had touched on CBT, but your course has blown my mind! You are an absolute genius explaining everything in a relatable and simple way. I have already applied the 5 ways and the continuum with a client, and feel I can serve my clients so much better already. Having said that, I'm still reflecting on everything we've learnt :-) Your short videos are super helpful too, thank you!" - Inga Crouch, Coach

Looking for Something Else?

If you are looking for something more tailored for yourself or your organisation, get in touch to discuss how I might be able to help. Previous courses for organisations have been running the CBT Tools for Coaches programme for groups of internal coaches, or offering more tailored CPD for helping professionals, such as CBT skills for staff in the social care or healthcare sectors.

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